Connection to my Divine Assignment…

I always felt myself coming back to my special connection to the universe and the energy around me. I question things I know are much larger than myself. As I continue to learn more about connection, energy, and the power of mindfulness. Iv noticed how internal and external influences affected my life. With a strong connection to the energy around me it only makes sense to listen to the calling and utilize those things to evolve. Iv noticed people run from their empowerment and it will not last much longer, times are changing quickly especially with the technology available today enabling us to develop ourselves in a multidimensional way. I’m here to evolve, serve, inspire and lift the spirits of others to connect them to their purpose. So they can live in alignment with their unique gifts and talents.

- Sky Mansel -


A step inside my shoes…

Born and raised in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. My journey of being a leader started at a young age by learning from the people I looked up to most which were my parents who are incredible entrepreneurs. Being in the environment of business, busy schedules, prioritizing time spent with friends and family plus trying to manage self care and school I witnessed the hardships of starting, running and maintaining a successful business and how that affects someone in all aspects of their lives plus the people and environment around them. Following their inspiration I spent a majority of my youth in sales and managerial positions. I was working two to three jobs at a time. Work was all I knew to experience stability. This was a lot of heavy masculine energy I took on from a young age and it caused me to harden and become rigid with myself. There were many moments of heavy burn out in my life. What I thought I was doing to give me freedom, happiness and clarity on who I was, were the very things that kept me from experiencing actual stability. The feeling of always needing to do more to “set myself up” for the future left me being less of myself. Quick life lesson: Do less, Be more. This pattern of self sabotage I am far too familiar with. I was building this “empire” for me to feel safe but I realized I was building my foundation on other people's versions of me. After many rock bottom moments I was able to recognize why this foundation was never going to serve me after failing time and time again. I didn't want to feel like I was pushing so hard to just be myself in my own mind and body anymore. Finally I gave myself permission to surrender to my own calling. Look at myself in the mirror with courage to see all the beauty and baggage I had. Iv now built a foundation within myself that is unshakable because of these lessons. It has empowered me to live in alignment with my dream life. I am empowered. I know my value. I love myself. I am free.