With DNA being the genetic blueprint for our being, the power behind understanding internal and external behaviors of our conscious and unconscious mind is unmatchable. We have the power to change this blueprint. This force stems from a strong foundation in mindset, the ability to communicate with yourself and others, your environment and your unique energy system.



P-Pull everything apart

R-Re-evaluate what is not working

O-Organize & re-invent

C-Create new pathways

E-Execute new ways of being

S-Stabilize your system

S-Stay in your flow


In the field of technical human development we understand everything is connected. All aspects of your life only expand in the capacity that you do. Your career, relationships, health, spirituality and self development are all reflections of each other. Through the power of proper mindset practices, energy work and psychotherapy we can reverse engineer your current and outdated programs and upgrade them with an optimal way of being.


The power beyond your mind..

We are the creators of our life. This is both the good and perceived “bad” things we go through. Most of us are unconsciously attracting the perceived “bad” experiences, thoughts and emotions we have which is why it can be a frustrating vicious cycle. How can we know what we’re doing if its unconscious right? This is why it is a full time part of my practice to work on mindset, beliefs, and thought patterns. With mindset being the root of building the dream life you desire, I use a range of different modalities to work through limiting beliefs, trauma and building rapport with your unconscious mind. This allows you to be in alignment with your mission and gives you the power to materialize your desires.


Change is a process of the unconscious mind….

Beliefs, thoughts and programs all need updates